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Large flat lapping and polishing machines

For over 65 years, Lapmaster Wolters has served the precision optics industry through the innovative design and manufacture of high quality precision finishing systems and solutions. Lapmaster's diverse industry experience and extensive application knowledge facilitates the development of custom engineered optics finishing solutions capable of delivering the most precise, repeatable results.

LM72 Polishing Machine



LM96 Polishing Machine



LM120 Polishing Machine


Spherical Polishing Machine

The Lapmaster Wolters Spherical Lapping-Polishing Machine System has been developed to produce very accurate spherical surfaces on a variety of components and materials. Spherical tolerance accuracy to within 1 micron is obtained on scratch-free, mirror finish high-quality surfaces (applies to both male-female devices).


Spherical Polishing Machine


Lapmaster Wolters model 36 with Light Curtains

As an option Lapmaster Wolters can offer Light curtains, generally consisting of, corner units with silver coated mirrors and a control relay. This system may also be available as a retro fit to an existing machine.

LM36 With Light Guarding














Model 84































Model 96




























Model 120

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