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Environmental Policy Statement

Lapmaster International Limited recognises that its products, activities and services impact on the environment. It is committed to the effective management of the environmental implications of these activities,  and will apply the following principles to its business process :

The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:

  • Complying with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.
  • Establishing objectives and targets that address the environmental issues relevant to the company`s activities.
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective environmental management system to control identified risks and improve environmental performance.
  • Ensuring environmental issues are considered in the design of new products and in the introduction of new processes and services in order to minimise adverse impacts and improve environmental performance.
  • Assessing and managing the environmental risk of products throughout their lifecycles wherever possible, and seek ways to minimize the environmental impacts of our processes.
  • Eliminating or reducing use of hazardous materials and harmful uncontrolled releases to the environment.
  • Reducing waste and the consumption of resources ( Energy, fuel, water, packaging and materials ) wherever practical and appropriate.
  • Providing suitable training for staff and apply workplace procedures to ensure compliance with the environmental management system.
  • Establishing plans for managing environmental incidents and emergencies.
  • Developing constructive relationships with the local community, to keep people informed of our activities and any associated risks and the management of those risks.
  • Monitoring, auditing, reviewing and reporting our environmental performance, and seeking to improve on that performance in the light of experience and the evolving environmental agenda.

Tools to monitor and control Environmental issues:

  • Annual Risk Assessment and environmental audit.
  • Induction Training and Training Matrix
  • Quality System, Corrective, Preventative and Improvement Actions
  • Annual QMS Management Review
  • Annual Departmental Reviews

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