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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaning is the final operation in the process of precision surfacing with abrasive media, and Lapmaster Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems offer exceptional performance.

Ultrasonic cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more thorough, and safer than any other method. Scrubbing, soaking and steam do not even come close. Lapmaster Ultrasonic Cleaners are powerful enough to remove heavy oils, waxes or slurries, yet gentle enough to clean tiny, precision assemblies. Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation: the rapid formation and implosion of microscopic bubbles. Heat enhances the process. The deep cleaning action of ultrasonics removes even the most stubborn dirt and contaminants. There are many models available, from stand alone benchtop systems with capacities of 1/2 Litre up to 80 Litres to larger floor standing production systems with multi-tank automated processing capabilities. Lapmaster also offers a complete line of companion cleaning agents and equipment accessories.

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